The 2021 Japan-Taiwan Tokyo Tech-NYCU Joint Workshop

The 2021 Japan-Taiwan Tokyo Tech-NYCU Joint Workshop is organized by the Laboratory for Materials and Structures (MSL) and Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology (FIRST) at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), the College of Engineering at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU), and the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan (MOST) office in Japan, TECRO.

TSRI was invited to give a talk, and the topic of presentation is “Fabrication of Complementary FETs (CFETs): from Poly-Si to Heterogeneous Integration”. The [Heterogeneous Complementary FETs (CFET) utilizing Low-Temperature Hetero-Layers Bonding Technique (LT-HBT)] results from novel research in collaboration with Japan’s AIST. By employing this technique, individual substrates that have different channel materials can become one single substrate, and can be used to fabricate CFET. LT-HBT enables us to accomplish multiple stacks, integrate with other channel materials, and reduce device footprints in the future. These exceptional research results, born out of international collaboration, have been reported by Japan’s well-known electronic magazine, EE Times and Nikkei.

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