TSRI aspires to be the benchmarking institution for the international semiconductor technology community by adopting the following four strategies in the field of international cooperation. The vision of “Global Top x Local Value” is to be achieved through powerful R&D competence and a true zeal for promoting the industry.

Service Extension

Strengthen complementary cooperation with international partners; extend the scope of service and client base; maintain and continually upgrade process and design services, hard and soft facilities, and R&D and verification platforms; build independent IP licensing mechanism; participate in the international innovation ecosystem of semiconductor academic R&D service.

R&D Cooperation

Encourage, introduce, and assist R&D talents of the Institute for R&D cooperation with domestic and international scholars and experts, so as to promote effective use of research resources and exchange of experiences, connect to international academic research communities, join international organizations related to the semiconductor industry, formulate R&D plans together with global partners, and thus contribute to technology development.

Talent Training

Augment cooperation with top international educational institutions in the field of information and electronic engineering, consolidate the existing eminent teachers and core programs, consistently develop English teaching framework and contents on emerging technology and forward-looking issues, and train international semiconductor talents using online platform and instructional technology.

Joint Activities

Sign letters of intent or agreements with international partners to jointly promote exchange activities among semiconductor talents, including visitation meetings, domestic and international activities, international competitions, and actively join international organizations and communities related to the semiconductor industry to open up cooperation opportunities and strengthen partnership.