Role and Mission

The TSRI is positioned as a service provider of Taiwanese industry, academic, and research sectors specializing in semiconductor research. The institute provides the only open laboratory research environment in Taiwan that is fully equipped with technologies for device manufacturing, circuit design, and system integration and employs a team of experts in life sciences, optics, electronics, machinery, circuit design, or system engineering who collaborate through various means to achieve multidisciplinary research outcomes and develop multidisciplinary techniques. By following the four main missions of the NARLabs (i.e., to establish research and development (R&D) platforms, support academic research, promote frontier science and technology, and attract high-tech professionals), the TSRI continues to engage in the following actions with the goal of becoming a world-class research center:

  • Create an open research environment integrated with world-class semiconductor facilities for use by industry, academic, and research sectors to conduct advanced research and enhance the capacity of Taiwanese academic and research institutes in integrated device research, thereby establishing global academic prestige.
  • Foster professional development through academic research collaboration.
  • Make use of the NARLabs’ R&D platform to collaborate with or commission industry, academic, and research teams for the development of industry-related technologies and promotion of technology transfer or patent licensing.