Education and Training Programs

The TSRI offers a comprehensive range of training courses aimed at fostering a strong team of semiconductor specialists in Taiwan. The institute designs a variety of semiconductor training programs, which comprise a series of courses ranging from device fabrication to circuit systems and is complemented by university courses on fundamental theories. We also provide advanced process equipment and a complete measurement and design environment. The training courses include not only general introductory courses but also applied and laboratory courses related to semiconductors; this enables learners to complete their own chip designs by undertaking projects and simultaneously acquiring experience in chip design.

Over the years, the TSRI has cultivated the abilities of semiconductor specialists who are now widely recognized by all sectors worldwide. To provide learning resources for the academic sector without being limited by time and space, the institute also produces e-learning courses that facilitate effective and economical learning approaches. In the future, we will continue establishing various frontier technology training courses to foster higher-caliber semiconductor talents, prepare students for the workforce, meet industry demand for semiconductor professionals, and ultimately bridge the gap between learning and application.

E-Learning Courses

To help students gain access to online lectures without constraints of time and place, TSRI initiated the e-Learning program. The e-Learning program offered by TSRI is designed for academic institutions involved in IC design and advocates positive perceptions of new tools and promote their use, especially in relation to corporate training and academic education. TSRI provides 11 courses, namely "HSPICE", "Full-Custom IC Design Concepts", "VDHL", "RF CMOS IC Design", "From Plan to Closure, What is Verification Process Automation" , "Introduction of Mixed-Signal Design Environment, Demo based on PLL Design", "Introduction to Novas' Verdi Debug System", "Laker", "MMIC Design", "HW/SW Co-Verification with Seamless CVE", and "ADS-Circuit". A total of 4300 persontime studied TSRI e-Learning courses during 2007.

The facilities and capacities of these training classrooms are as follows:

  1. Training classroom A: contains 11 Sun Ultra 60 workstations, ten Sun Ultra 10 workstations, six Sun Blade 100 workstations, four Sun Blade 150 workstations, and one personal computer, and accommodates up to 60 trainees.
  2. Training classroom B: contains 31 personal computers, and can accommodate up to 60 trainees.
  3. Training classroom C: contains 31 personal computers, and can accommodate up to 60 trainees.
  4. Training classroom at National Cheng Kung University: contains 30 Sun Ultra 10 workstations and one Sun
    Enterprise E450, and can accommodate up to 45 trainees.