During recent decades, the focus of the Taiwanese economy has shifted from traditional industry to science and high-tech industry. Despite periodic recessions, Taiwan invested hundreds of billions of dollars in developing hi-tech products such as computers, multimedia, networks, and so on. Above all, with the recent boom in information and semiconductor manufacturing in the recent ten years, Taiwan has become one of the major players in the worldwide electronics industry.

  Nevertheless, Integrated Circuit (IC) has remained the leading import in Taiwan since 1991. IC has been labeled the rice of the electronics industry, and is the key component for digitalizing and minimizing electronic products, including information and communication products, consumer electronics, and so on. The high dependence of Taiwan on imported ICs can be ascribed primarily to a shortage of domestic manpower and a lag in developing critical IC design technology. Consequently, Taiwan cannot even supply itself in high value-added IC products, let alone exporting such products to others.

  Accordingly, the National Science Council, based on the resolution of the Fourth National Science and Technology Conference, initiated the Chip Implementation Center Project (CIC Project) in 1992. This project aims to establish a national research and service center for IC design, namely CIC. To realize the vision of making Taiwan a global IC design center, CIC is devoted to cultivate IC design manpower and upgrading IC design technology in Taiwan.

Missions and Vision

  In the era of the knowledge-based economy, manpower and technology are the key to enhancing industrial competitiveness. With a view to making Taiwan a leading player in the global semiconductor market, CIC continues focusing on developing human resources and advanced technologies. To achieve these objectives, CIC focuses its efforts on four main areas:

■ Providing an IC/System design environment;
■ Providing chip fabrication and measurement services;
■ Promoting technology for IC/System design and international collaborations;
■ Improving IC/System design services in southern Taiwan.


■ CIC achieved significant results in all four of its main missions during 2007.
■ In relation to providing IC/System design services, the center integrated 8 well-known IC/System design
 flows and provided 2438 hotline services for academic use.
■ In relation to providing IC fabrication and measurement services, the center helped to produce 1721
 chips, including 253 educational chips and 1468 advanced process chips.
■ In relation to promoting IC/System design technology, the center offered 184 courses to 8441 students.
■ In relation to improving IC/System design services in southern Taiwan, the center provided 1028
 measurement services to academia and industry in southern Taiwan.


  CIC aims to become a world-class laboratory for IC/System design research and service in Taiwan.