The major task of the Chip Implementation Service is to offer chip fabrication and measurement service to IC/System designers. CIC selects some advanced IC process well developed by the domestic foundries to serve the nationwide designers for prototyping IC manufacturing. To share the resource and to reduce research cost, CIC entrusts IC fabrication, dicing, and assembly by the method of Multi-Project Chip (MPC), that is, several designs from the industries, academics, and research institutions are merged into one set of photo-mask.

  As far as the measurement is concerned, CIC supplies various equipment, such as IMS testing system, digital oscilloscope and network analyzer, for verifying the digital, mix-signal, and RF designs. The probe station with the function of laser cutting and semi-auto bonding machine is also available for prototype IC testing and debugging. CIC also provides the device and circuit modeling system, which include the RF probe station and device parameter extraction system for the device simulation circuit verification.