In 2003, the technologies provided by CIC consist of TSMC 0.18um 1P6M CMOS with 6 runs/year, TSMC 0.25um 1P5M CMOS with 4 runs/year, TSMC 0.35um 1P4M CMOS with 3runs/year, TSMC 0.35um 2P4M CMOS with 3 runs/year, TSMC 0.35um 3P3M SiGe BiCMOS with 4runs/year, UMC 0.18um 1P6M CMOS with 6 runs/year, UMC 0.5um 2P2M CMOS with 1 runs/year, GCT 2.0um HBT with 3runs/year, and WIN 0.15um PHEMT with 2runs/year. In CIC, we provide the advanced process technology in progress per year.

 In 2003, there are a total of 961 prototyped ICs being successfully fabricated, of which 899 ICs by the academics and 62 ICs by th research institutes as well as domestic industrial sectors. Up to now, CIC had provided MPC services for about one hundred institutes in Taiwan. In total, there are 5,633 prototyped ICs being successfully fabricated, including 5,059 ICs by the 76 acadmics(universities & polytechnics ) and 594 ICs by the 83 more research institutes as well as industrial sectors. With there prototyped ICs, there are about 600 papers or Patents have been presented last year.

 Furthermore, CIC has developed three IMS ATS measurement systems, one Wentworth probe station with laser cutter, bonding wire station, RF vector network analyzer with probe station and some basic high frequency and RF device/circuit/sysytem measurement instruments. In 2003, there are 633 measurement cases in CIC measurement laboratory. In the future, much effort will also be devoted to introducing more advanced IC/System technologies to strengthen the R&D of high-valued IC in Taiwn, R.O.C.