The Chip Implementation Center (CIC) laboratory equipments support Mixed-signal IC, RF/MM IC and SoC test and system measurement. From 1993, CIC started to provide high-speed Mixed-signal IC measurement platform. In recent three years, the RF device/circuit/system measurement systems will also be established, such as vector network analyzer with probe station and load-pull system. The noise figure analyzer and communication measurement system are also available.

  CIC testing laboratory contains four kinds of measurement system mainly. The detail specifications of Mixed-signal, RF, model extraction, and communication measurement systems are described as following.

(1) Digital and Mixed-signal IC Testing System

  The Tek 602A Digitizing signal analyzer is used for the digitizing signal analyzer with 2Gs/s sampling rate. It offers the 8 bits vertical resolution, 1mV/div to 10V/div channel scale and 10ps/div to 100s/div sweep speed..

  The IMS ATS200 was installed with the on wafer probe station and laser cut monitor system. It possesses the complete 200MHz and 400Mbits/sec testing capability, and it could be used to measure the 1.5ns rise and fall time for ECL and CMOS swing.

(2) Basic RF Measurement and Parameter Extraction System

  The fundamental RF measurement systems include the RF signal generator, spectrum analyzer, vector network analyzer and the noise figure analayzer.

  The Wiltron 68347B synthesized signal generator could be used to provide the 10MHz to 20GHz RF signal. The Wiltron 37217B VNA has the ability to analyze the 22.5MHz to 8.6GHz s-parameters. Designer use the HP 8563E to measure the frequency from 9KHz to 26.5 GHz.

  The Agilent model 85122 contains the software of ICCAP, HP 8510C, HP4142B, and HP4284. All system is controlled by the GPIB interface through the Agilent E2050E gateway. The whole system could be used up to 50 GHz. The high performance Cascade on wafer probe station can be used for measure RF signal as well. The ICCAP is used to extract and simulate the BJT, HBT, HEMT, and MOS model, etc.

  The Agilent N8975 noise figure analyzer can analyze the noise figure from 10MHz to 26.5GHz. The measurement frequency of N8975 can be extended to 40GHz if woks together with N8975A down converter.

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