The division aims at providing the MPC service, measurement service and circuit design technology. In 2002, the division has provided many advanced processes for academy, such as 0.18um CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS, GaAs HBT/PHEMT, etc.. With these processes, the academics can design the high performance circuits. In the future, the division will follow the ITRS (International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors) and provide more advanced processes to promote the research of IC design in Taiwan.

     Besides, the division plans to provide the complete measurement systems for mixed-mode IC, RF/MM IC and SOC design. From 1993, the division has set up the high speed mixed-mode IC measurement platform. For the recent three years, the RF device/circuit/system measurement systems have also been established, such as vector network analyzer with probe station and load-pull system. In 2003, the noise figure meter and RF front-end measurement system will be setup, too.

   Comparing to the manufacture of semiconductor, the industry of IC design is less contributive in Taiwan. To promote the IC design technique, the division will develop the design environment, design technique and measurement technique of analog and RF IC design. By these IC implementation technology and training, the academics can get the practical experience of IC design. Once applying to the industry, they will become the main manpower of IC design, and uplift the semiconductor competitiveness of Taiwan.