In this section, we describe the design service of this division as following:

(1) Assistance to academic/educational institutes in Taiwan

  We are encouraged to help academic/educational students to install EDA tools and maintain the design environment. We know that one familiar with EDA tools is not always the one who can well setup and adjust parameters of EDA environment including interfaces of tools and design flows. In practice, the latter fact always occurs among universities; thus, it is our motivation to service them. On the other hand, assisting universities to purchase EDA tools with a discount is another good undertaking. In Table III, we reveal how many universities utilize and apply EDA tools provided by CIC, Where a denotes “number of serviced universities”, b denotes “ corresponding total number of universities” and d denotes the percentage ( a / b * 100%). In Fig. 4, it turns out that CIC can serve many kinds of departments. On the other hand, it also reveals that CIC has served more than 700 professors in Taiwan. By contrast, the departments of electronic, electrical engineering and computer science are the first three important participants.

  National University
Private University
National University of Science and
Private University of Science and
Institute of Technology
a 20 15 11 32 4
b 25 28 24 50 23
d 80.0 53.5 45.8 64.0 17.3

CIC service distribution among universities in Taiwan

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