Up to present, for external affair: we have supplied reputable design service to universities in Taiwan; for internal affair: we have given good coordination with other divisions in CIC. Actually, due to our attempts, the following achievements we deserve are as follows:

1. To provide low cost EDA tools and reliable simulation environment
2. To integrated point EDA tools into design flow
3. To shrink the gap between RTL and GDS-II
4. To pursue better design service reputations and publications credit

Our prospective works include the following:

1. Offer the complete design flows
2. Furnish SOC/IP design environment to universities
3. Setup IP Mall consisting of adopting the existing IP's and IP exchange mechanism
4. Help students convert their designs into IP's
5. Provide giga-scale rapid prototyping methodology
6. Provide platform-based SoC design and verification methodology.
7. Offer Chip Testing Service.

   We believe that, in the future, DSD in CIC will play an indispensable role of supporter and researcher.