The major task of the Technology Promotion Division (TPD) is to promote advanced IC-related technology to both academia and industry. To fulfill this goal, five approaches are adopted. They are international collaboration, achievement promotion, training courses, sharing advanced technology, and message circulation. Based on international collaboration, we cannot only keep and follow the main stream of IC technology, but also develop the advanced technology meets Taiwan industry's future requirement. By the work of achievement promotion, the advanced technology result can be owned by most of the research centers and companies. To meet the universities and industries' requests, providing intensive and high quality training courses is the best way to help the trainees to finish their researches and projects. Hosting a workshop or conference is an interactive way to introduce the latest coming technical information or technology trend. As the technology progresses very fast, delivering message periodically by email is the most economic approach to make all of researchers and engineers keep the step with the newest technology. Through these five approaches, upgrading domestic IC industrial technology can be done step by step and IC industrial in Taiwan will be more strong and healthy.