Supporting Semiconductor Development in Taiwan's Academic Community; NARLabs and Synopsys Build Environment for Next-Generation Semiconductor Process R&D

To respond to international trends in semiconductor technology development, NARLabs' Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute (TSRI) under the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has signed a contract with Synopsys to provide the company's Sentaurus TCAD and Quantum ATK simulation tools to Taiwan's academic community at no cost.


Building a Cutting-Edge Platform to Usher in a New Era of Computer Memory

MRAM: An Important Future Storage Technology
Successful Development of Faster, More Energy-Efficient, and More Durable Next-Gen MRAM Components.


[2021 JAPAN-TAIWAN] Advanced Materials and Semiconductor Technology Workshop

The Advanced Materials and Semiconductor Technology Workshop will be hold on Oct. 28th in 2021. Talks of various pioneering topics on semiconductor technology will be given by experienced and renowned scholars from these prestigious institutes. Together, we aim to catalyze research collaboration between Japan and Taiwan so that both may thrive mutually in the ever-advancing field of semiconductor technology.


NARLabs R&D Service Platform Achievement Award Team Using "Sub-Å Atomic Structure Research and Applications" Platform Receives High Distinction Award

In recognition of the top scientific research achievements made by industry, government, academia, and research sectors using NARLabs' R&D service platforms, NARLabs held the inaugural "R&D Service Platform Achievement Award" contest this year.


Aiding Taiwan Against Pandemic with Technology, NARLabs Launches Numerous Anti-COVID Projects - TSRI helps develop anti-pandemic chips

With over 170 million having been infected and over 3.7 million deaths, COVID-19 continues its spread around the globe. As such, many of Taiwan’s industries are thinking of ways to contribute combatting the virus,including the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), which encourages academia and researchers to help the nation through technology’s beneficial uses.


TSRI presented in 2021 Japan-Taiwan Tokyo Tech-NYCU Joint Workshop

The 2021 Japan-Taiwan Tokyo Tech-NYCU Joint Workshop is organized by the Laboratory for Materials and Structures (MSL) and Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology (FIRST) at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), the College of Engineering at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU), and the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan (MOST) office in Japan, TECRO.


Grand Opening of the Cyber Security & Smart Technology R&D Building & the 1st“Girls in CyberSecurity”Award Ceremony

The Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City in Tainan integrates the capabilities of 13 ministries, including MOST, MOEA, and the National Defense Council. MOST is responsible for the construction and operation of Shalun’s Joint Research Center, and on April 24th organized the opening ceremony of the Cyber Security and Smart Technology R&D Building, as well as the “Girls in CyberSecurity” Award Ceremony.


NARLabs Annual Report

Annual Report 2020


TSRI presented 4 papers at IEDM 2020

Convening every December in San Francisco, the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) is known as the world’s top semiconductor conference. However, due to this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held through online conferences focused on several topics, including “miniaturization of next-generation semiconductor logic technology”, “memory technology” and “quantum computing”.


Collaboration Between the North and South for the Development of Innovative Technology: Opening Ceremony of the Tainan Base of the Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute

The Tainan Base of the Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute is officially open today (December 17)—as a joint effort between the National Applied Research Laboratories and the National Cheng Kung University.


Supporting Academic Research and Development of AI Chip Design in Taiwan, National Applied Research Laboratories Signs Contract for Arm Flexible Access for Research

The TSRI is the first institution in Asia and the world’s first government-endowed academic institution to join the Flexible Access for Research program.