NYCU Professor Tuo-Hung (Alex) Hou Appointed Director General of TSRI, Aims to Refine Next-Gen Semiconductor R&D and Foster High-Level Talent

NARLabs welcomed its new Director General of TSRI on October 3, 2022: Tuo-Hung (Alex) Hou, Chair Professor of the Institute of Electronics at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU). NARLabs President Faa-Jeng Lin is eager to see the ways in which Director General Hou will build on the past achievements of TSRI, playing a strong backing role in the development of Taiwan's semiconductor industry. Director General Hou will also continue to establish next-generation semiconductor R&D environments and train high-level technical professionals in the fields of semiconductor components, wafers, and system design.

NARLabs Annual Report

Annual Report 2021


TSRI Holds 3rd SenCu ??Little Programmers Creative Competition; First Place Awarded to Team Yin-Tao from Hsinchu County? Shi-Hsing Elementary School

The SenCu - Little Programmers Creative Competition encourages elementary school students in Taiwan to use creative thinking and imagination to make games, animations, and stories by combining sensors with a simple visual programming language, thus providing the youngest generation of the country with early knowledge of the semiconductor field.


Professor Faa-Jeng Lin Begins Presidency at NARLabs

On June 1, 2022, Dr. Faa-Jeng Lin, Chair Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Dean of the College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at National Central University, officially assumed the position of President of NARLabs.


Memorial Ceremony for Dr. Wen-Kuan Yeh, Acting Vice President of NARLabs and Director General of TSRI

On May 12, a memorial ceremony was held for Dr. Wen-Kuan Yeh, Acting Vice President of NARLabs and Director of the Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute (TSRI), who passed away on April 28. All those at NARLabs offer their sincere condolences for Dr. Yeh's passing.