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大會資訊 Conference Information

目的 Purpose

國家實驗研究院台灣半導體研究中心將於2023年5月18日至19日,舉辦第三屆「奈米元件電路與技術研討會」 (The 3rd Symposium on Nano-Device Circuits and Technologies, SNDCT 2023)。 本活動邀請國內半導體相關領域單位之教授、研究人員,以及多家半導體產業指標廠商專家共同參與,冀望透過產學互動交流,探索 【新興元件及運算技術】、【先進邏輯及記憶體技術】、【光電元件及化合物半導體技術】、【新穎半導體材料與元件分析技術】、【先進封裝及異質整合技術】、【高頻、感測器、微機電及矽光子技術】等半導體元件、系統整合之前瞻研究,並衍伸至人工智慧、車用晶片、智慧製造、物聯網、高速通訊、量子電腦等重要未來應用領域與產業鏈結,拓展台灣半導體相關領域的能見度及加速產業技術交流。
The 3rd Symposium on Nano-Device Circuits and Technologies, SNDCT 2023, will be held by Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute, National Applied Research Laboratories, from May 18-19, 2023. Experts, including professors, researchers, and vendors in the semiconductor field, are invited and expected to discuss and explore the special focus sessions on emerging devices and computing technology, advanced logic and memory technology, optoelectronics and compound semiconductor technology, novel materials and device analysis, advanced package and heterogeneous integration technology, and high frequency, sensors, MEMS, and silicon photonic technology. These advanced research topics of device fabrication and system integration link to artificial intelligence, vehicle electronics, smart manufacturing, internet-of-Things, high-speed communication, and quantum computing for future industrial applications, broadening the views of semiconductor industries and boosting the cooperation between enterprises and academics in Taiwan.

主題範圍 Topics
  1. 新興元件及運算技術 Emerging Device and Computing Technology
  2. 先進邏輯及記憶體技術 Advanced Logic and Memory Technology
  3. 光電元件及化合物半導體技術 Optoelectronics and Compound Semiconductor Technology
  4. 新穎半導體材料與元件分析技術 Novel Materials and Device Analysis
  5. 先進封裝及異質整合技術 Advanced Package and Heterogeneous Integration Technology
  6. 高頻、感測器、微機電及矽光子技術 High Frequency, Sensors, MEMS, and Silicon Photonic Technology

參加對象 Participant

Relevant personnel from academia (including students), industry, government agencies, and research and development units who are interested in nanotechnology, chip design, and semiconductor technology can submit papers and participate in the conference.


時程 Key Dates
1.徵稿截止:2023年3月19日 *展延至4月9日*
Submission Deadline: March 19, 2023. Deadline extension : April 9, 2023.

2.論文審查結果通知 2023年4月14日前寄送
The notification of the paper review results will be sent before April 14, 2023.

Registration: March 1, 2023 to April 30, 2023.

主辦單位 Organizer
Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute (TSRI)